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Nao should calculate correct and incorrect answers from human

Hello, all!
I'm a beginner in Nao programming but I need your help and experience to solve my Task.
The Task: It is planning that Nao should ask humans some questions and give answer variants. The people should give one answer variant per question but after every five question, Nao should say: Ok, you answered on 5 questions and gave 3 correct and 2 incorrect answers. Please, try again.
The realization: The questions and answer variants are realized in the Choreography Dialog but I can't understand how can I call the variable that collects answers in the Dialog. 
I think that I can call the calculated variable in Dialog like this:

topic: ~addition()
language: enu

u:([c]) Yes, it's correct answer.

But I don't know how in such case to define this variable and put begin conditions?
The variables should be zero after every five questions in Dialog.
Thanks in advance.