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Pepper new service announcement

At this time,
We have opened the application site for SOFTBANK's Pepper, so I will show you.

This service is a service for those who already have Pepper.
This service increases the variation of Pepper application, so you can entertain customers more.
If you have opportunities to use Pepper in the future, please do not hesitate to consult us.

Also, if you are an acquaintance,

"There are official free apps, but I can not use it much ..."
"The cost to make an app with original ..."
"I do not know how to use good peppers at events and attracting customers ..."
"I'm just letting you stand in conversation mode for the time being ..."

If you know a person with such a problem,
This service,
Since it is currently open to the public for free, registration is possible with only your name and email address,
I hope to introduce by all means.

Above, thank you.

☆ We have launched a new service for Pepper ☆
· Akinai App Martket for Pepper (common name: Akinai pepper)

☆ Pepper for Biz became an authorized distributor ☆
· Please contact us if you are considering purchasing Peppr.

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links don't take me to Pepper Apps.